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18. Recognising obstructive sleep apnoea can change your life


We are delighted to give you a special bonus episode on sleep.

We are joined by 2 experts, Dr Anita Jayadev, a respiratory medicine consultant specialising in treating sleep disorders and Jay Jaye, a sleep technician who is an expert in sleep and ventilation. They share a wealth of information about when to get referred to a sleep service and what to expect. We highlight the most common and incredibly underdiagnosed sleep disorder – obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA).

Jay Jaye opens up about her own journey with OSA. Despite working extensively in the field of sleep disorders Jay Jaye didn’t suspect she had OSA for a number of years. Identifying and treating it revolutionised her life. She says:

“It turned out I did have OSA, it wasn’t even that severe, I started using CPAP (the treatment) and it absolutely changed my life……..suddenly I was able to function again.”

Much OSA is undiagnosed in the community. Her journey will inform you about the signs to look out for particularly for women approaching the menopause.

The Epworth Sleepiness Scale (discussed in this episode) can be found by following this link:

Listen to the audio version by clicking below:

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