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21. Dr Rupy Aujla | Why food is medicine

We are incredibly excited to share this episode of the Fresh Heart Project as we welcome the one and only Dr Rupy Aujla to the show!

Did you know that eating well has medicinal effects? It not only protects your heart, but it can change your brain, alter your mood, support your immune function AND reduce inflammation. This is Rupy’s powerful message. His mission is to educate us on the beauty of food and the effect it has on our health.

Rupy is an NHS general practitioner, founder of the Doctor’s Kitchen and has authored 3 Sunday times bestselling cookbooks. He is a regular TV personality on shows such as This morning and Saturday Kitchen.

He is also the founding director of Culinary Medicine, a non-profit organisation which aims to teach doctors and medical students the foundations of nutrition, as well as teaching them how to cook.

We dive deep into the world of food for health and Rupy tells us why he believes food is medicine.

Remember be kind to yourself and small sustainable steps create great change.

Listen to the audio version by clicking below:

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