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28. Emily Hodge: The Big C, Fertility and Hope

Emily is one of life’s unsung heroes. She is a coach (and quite frankly, one of the best out there!), a mum, a wife, an entrepreneur and an author.

On the surface, it all seems perfect. What many people don’t know is that shortly after getting married, she found out she had bowel cancer. Following that, she went on a difficult and traumatic fertility rollercoaster.

She talks to Zarrin about her journey. It’s moving, devastating, inspiring and hopeful. I guarantee you that if you stay to the end, you will be equally moved.

Here is something she wrote in 2018:

“Life is just one big way of learning isn’t it. It’s managing in the big and small moments. It’s finding peace even where it shouldn’t be. It’s being as truthful to ourselves and others as we can be. It’s finding strength when we crumble. It’s gaining a voice when we’re muted. It’s directing things so we feel a sense of control. It’s failing and succeeding in the least obvious ways.”

- Emily Hodge

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