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11. Circadian rhythms and morning heart attacks

On this podcast episode we discuss why there is an association between the morning hours and heart attacks.

As species of planet earth, we have all evolved in tune with it’s rhythms. When the sun rises, our day begins and when the sun sets, we rest. It’s like we’re instruments in an orchestra and the rotating earth is the conductor. As a result, almost every organism that inhabits this planet has it’s own rhythm. Our daily rhythm or circadian rhythm is just over 24 hours long. It oscillates and in doing so governs how we function.

As we’re waking up, our blood pressure and heart rate increase as the heart prepares to respond to morning activity. Even the electrical activity of our heart is different. Interestingly, our blood’s ability to clot is better in the morning which may have been a protective evolutionary phenomenon.

If you’re healthy, fit and well with no risk factors, these changes in morning physiology are fine. If you’ve got risk factors the elevated morning blood pressure, heart rate and clotting ability could create a perfect storm which could increase that risk of a morning heart attack.

Join us on the podcast to find out what you can do to lower your risk. If you have any suggestions or if you would like to share your personal story please do get in touch.

Remember be kind to yourself and small sustainable steps lead to great change.

Listen now:

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