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15. 3 strategies to cultivate self compassion

With the dawn of every new year comes the same offering of messages. Improve your health, shred the weight, start a new diet, manage your money, think better, do better, be better, live your best life…….and so the list goes on.

There’s a tendency to embrace the concept of a new year, a new you. On this episode of the podcast, we discuss why this is a problematic message.

There is strong evidence that if you show yourself compassion then you are more likely to engage with behaviours that promote health. Join us as we discuss 3 ways in which you can show yourself more self compassion.

If you have any suggestions or would like to share your personal story, please do get in touch!

This podcast is not a substitute for medical advice from your healthcare professional.

Remember be kind to yourself and small sustainable steps create great change.

Listen to the audio version by clicking below:

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